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Sin is about a man plagued with chronic pain and addicted to strong painkillers. In an attempt to escape his circumstances, Jung finds himself dragged into the search for a rare statue of the babylonian god ‚Sin‘ after it is stolen during a violent robbery. A game of cat and mouse ensues, involving not only his own life at risk, but that of those closest to him, a guilt-ridden bartender and a lonely nurse who provides him with stolen pills. As Jung sifts through the madness, he makes one last desperate attempt to claw himself out of the black hole he’s been sucked into.

Opioid Epidemic

This documentary addresses the Opioid Epidemic that is currently devastating America. We hope that this documentary will help raise awareness about this serious and deadly problem that is affecting many American families. The chances are extremely high that someone you know is dealing with this problem.

Please share this video with your friends and family to raise awareness for this horrifying problem that average Americans are struggling with. The odds are incredibly high that you know someone who is currently dealing with this problem.


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